Greg and Lucy Malouf’s award-winning food-travel books have been translated into several languages and are now published around the world. Arabesque, their first book, was published in 1999 to great acclaim. It won Best Australian Cookbook at the 2000 World Food Media Awards and since then has been published in 4 subsequent editions. In 2006, Saha won the Gold trophy for best food book at the Gourmet Voice Food Media Awards. Saha also took out the coveted Grand Prix award – the peak achievement of the festival. In April 2008, Turquoise won Best International Book at the prestigious IACP awards in America. The Maloufs travel around Australia and internationally for masterclass presentations and to speak at food and writing festivals.

Lucy Malouf's writing is a joy. She achieves a wonderful balance of history, how it relates to the present, the people, the food, and how it affected them as people. She is not afraid to put in their own personal opinions about the local politics. Overall though, you do get a deep insight into their experiences, and like all good writers, she leaves you wanting to start the next chapter.

Society for Culinary Arts & Letters, 2005

Why didn’t anyone think of this before? Middle Eastern food has always been delicious, but for the most part it goes on unchanged from generation to generation. … Greg Malouf, an Australian of Lebanese ancestry, has cast a new eye on every Middle Eastern dish he cooks. … The food is transformed, but somehow it retains the integrity of the original recipe.

Stan Sesser, The Asian Wall Street Journal, 2005

There is no doubt in my mind that it is Malouf who has been the catalyst for Melbourne’s embrace of contemporary Middle Eastern food.

The country’s other states have never had a chef of his breadth and heritage and, therefore young stars to follow in his wake.

John Lethlean, Epicure, The Age, 2001

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